Sugarpressed is an independent jewellery brand established in Bristol in August 2019 that puts out pressed flower and resin pieces! Now based in South West London, it is solely run by me, Maya ! I'm 23 and a History of Art graduate who loves photography, japanese pop music and making art ~

The vibe that different sugarpressed pieces have can vary, but the brand I've envisioned is mostly colourful and girly with a lot of statement pieces! Clear resin, hearts, fun shapes - whether chunky or delicate accessories are your thing, there's lots of different stuff for you to have a look at !

As everything is handmade by me. I am now working a 9-6 alongside making jewellery, so my shop updates are generally only every couple of months now! There may be imperfections such as chips and bubbles, but this is a given when using resin! It's all a part of the handcrafted process ♡ Thanks for being patient as it's just me doing everything!

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